Who We Are, What We Do

Digital Editions' will no lomger be taking on new customers for fine art reproduction. We will continue to reproduce work we already have on file and can take on work that does not require the production of a file for proofing.

Digital Capture:

To insure our quality standards are not compromised we prefer to work from start to finish with the artists original. We first have our professional photographer prepare a high resolutiond digital studio shot.  Our staff then takes the image and using the original for reference, produces a print as close to the original in color and detail as possible and on the substrate chosen for final production. This is the first proof and is presented to the artist and/or publisher to determine if any changes should be made to enhance the finished piece. We then return to the digital file to make those changes if necessary and print a final color proof for approval. This final proof is retained by Digital Editions as the "bon a tirer" (BAT). At this stage the original is returned to the artist. It should be noted that we will not proceed to the next step of producing final prints unless we have in our possession a signed and dated BAT. We use the BAT to ensure that every print we produce is correct.

Production of the Giclée

Using the BAT for reference the final prints are produced on our Epson printers using Ultrachrome archival inks. These printers allow us to get the detail and color gradients our quality standards require with an output resolution of 1440 dpi. Most giclée prints are produced on either canvas or fine art paper that has been specially treated for this process. Digital Editions stocks a variety of these substrates for our clients to choose from.

Protective Coating and Texturing:

Working closely with the manufacturer of our coating materials Digital Editions has become an expert in the application of protective coatings that add longevity and beauty to the finished work. This can be in gloss, matte or satin. The coatings have UV protectors and prevent damage from moisture and other elements. We also offer the service of adding texture to our canvas Giclée's using an acrylic gel medium.