Digital Editions' process for creating a fine art giclée has 3 main steps. First there is the digital capture from the original artwork, followed by the mechanics of transferring that information onto the substrate of choice, and then the final step of protecting the work before delivering them to the artist for signing and numbering. 

Testimonial by Paula Henchell

Anyone wishing to make a giclée of their painting should look no further than Digital Editions. I have been dealing with Tom Shacklady, owner of the company, for about five years now. The quality of his work is really great and he is always willing to go that extra step to make things perfect. I teach art two days a week and have many students, several of which have used Tom's services and have been thrilled with the results. If you want personal service, served up with a smile, great work and a result that you are truly happy with then I thoroughly recommend Digital Editions.

Thank you Tom for all the hard work you have done for me.



Testimonial by Wendy Palmer

A fine art giclée reproduction takes the work of both the artist and the reproduction company, so a trust and respect for each others work is crucial in order to get a successful result. It is so important for an artist to find a printer that they can trust, as this will make or break their career in selling fine quality giclée reproduction artwork.

As an artist myself, when I first started to get involved in the area of giclée reproduction, I have to admit, there was a lot more to know than I ever imagined. When I walked into my first reproduction shop, which was recommended by a friend, I thought I would just drop off my original painting and come back in few weeks to a spectacular replica of my artwork.

My learning curve about giclée reproductions started its ascent when the approval process of the first proofs began. After coming back a few weeks later to preview these postage stamp size replicas and approving them for final prints, I was somewhat amazed that there was more involvement required from me than anticipated. The process of approving these small replicas and being told by the reproduction company that the colors I paint in are very hard to reproduce and that I maybe shouldn't use these colors, made me start to question if I really wanted to get involved in this giclée process. After succumbing to approve an adequate replica, I was horrified when I returned a few weeks later to view the final reproduction and to see now that my adequate proof was turned into an enlarged green animal portrait. This sent me on the prowl for a printer who would take the perfectionism in my painting and apply it to their giclée reproductions.

I have experienced all spectrums of printers, from the "This is the best we can do", "Why don't you use different paint colors to make them easier to reproduce", to "You can' expect all the colors to match". I also experienced the process of a reproduction company going out of business with all my expensive proofs, reproductions and data information lost, even though I had paid this company for my first print and then never received my full reproduction run.

I was then recommended to try another giclée reproduction company called Digital Editions Ltd. The owner, Tom was a breath of fresh air when I met him. After our first meeting I had the comfortable feeling that I found someone who cared as much about detail and color as I do. Tom has a very strong background in the reproduction and the publishing end of fine art, and his knowledge regarding all the little details about giclée reproductions has been invaluable such as publishing artwork, promoting yourself as an artist, and the standards of fine art reproductions. His work ethics definitely show up in the results of the art reproductions, as the demand for the highest quality is there for every piece of work that comes in.

During my search for a giclée reproduction company, I remember reading an article about the process. I recall the article saying "if you can find a printer who can reproduce greys then you have found yourself a printer". Digital Editions has totally satisfied my quest for a professional reproduction company as the neutral colors and the greys that I paint are always reproduced to perfection with a lot of determination and hard work of Digital Editions. When I approve a proof of my reproduction, it is the actual size that the reproduction will be. Before I even see the first proof of my reproduction, I know that Tom will not even show me a proof until his perfectionism of capturing the colors and details of my painting have satisfied him, so I do not see anymore green elephants. When I watch how Tom perfects his reproductions right down to the pixel of color in the eyes of my portraits, shows his intense perfectionism and concern for detail. The care and knowledge of all the materials used for high quality giclée reproductions by Digital Editions Ltd optimizes the archival quality of each print which gives me the comfort in trusting Digital Editions with my artwork.

I have given Tom some very unique and challenging pieces to reproduce, and I have always been so impressed on his patience and willingness to keep trying until we are both satisfied with the result.

After all the money and time wasted before in my search for a printer, I am now happy to have such a great trust in Digital Editions to help me in my success as an artist.



Testimonial by Glenn Olson

I feel very fortunate to have met Tom at Digital Editions. He is a consummate professional and has a great personality. He truly cares about the quality of the images he reproduces. Tom encourages the artist's input and his prices are competitive. I would recommend Digital Editions to any artist wanting to print their work.